4GB of RAM – The New Standard


Shenzhen, China – October 22nd – It hasn't been that long since having a smartphone with 1GB of RAM would make people turn their heads in wonder. In fact, it hasn't been that long, relatively speaking, since that amount of RAM was impressive even on a personal computer. Fast-forward to late 2015, and we are already witnessing smartphones with 4GB of RAM being released. There's even reports already that 6GB might be coming not that much later...

So, what does 4GB of RAM brings to the everyday smartphone user? Performance! In essence, more RAM means that the device will have more space to “breath” and manage every apps and pieces of software that are operating simultaneously on the background, and actively. In the end, the more RAM a device has, the better the experience will be for the user, with smoother and more fluid interactions with the OS and software.

The boost in performance is particularly relevant for users of high-end productivity apps that require more resources to run, and to gamers. Having a powerful smartphone with an up-to-date CPU, GPU and abundant amount of RAM are a must for mobile gamers. More and more we are experiencing games on mobile that reach graphical performances almost at the same level as what we would usually only expect from domestic gaming consoles. Therefore, if you're a gamer and looking to buy a new smartphone, aim for devices that have at least 3GB of RAM, such as ZOPO's Speed 7 Plus. If however you wish to be at the cusp of the wave when it comes to high-performance smartphones, 4GB of RAM are the new standard.

ZOPO is known for always being at the front-edge of innovation. It released the first 3D glass free smartphone in China and the first Octa-core one. It is no secret that a new deca-core smartphone is in the works at ZOPO. So, expect something big, and powerful...

About ZOPO Mobile:

ZOPO Mobile, established in 2008, is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the design, manufacture and marketing of mobile intelligent terminal devices, with clients spread across 135 countries. Two-time MotoGP World Champion Jorge Lorenzo is ZOPO's brand ambassador in its marketing efforts worldwide.

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