Battery Life Extended! Deca-Core & Android 6.0 Marshmallow – Game Changer Combo!


Shenzhen, China – October 29th – Deca-core powered smartphones are slowly but decisively rising within the industry. As disclosed before, ZOPO is currently developing a brand new deca-core flagship soon to be announced. Plus, Google's new OS is upon us – Android 6.0 Marshmallow. These two events are turning our present time into one of the most exciting periods ever in the mobile industry, and while they are not directly connected, the new 10 core processors put together with Android 6.0 will bring together a huge and very significant change: better battery life!

While most people might be more interested in the raw performance power that a 10 core processor implies (and does bring to the table), what actually makes the new MediaTek Helio X20 so innovative is its energy management features.

In the words of MediaTek, “Delivering extreme computing performance with unmatched power efficiency (…) Helio X20 provides three processor clusters, each designed to more efficiently handle different types of workloads. Much like adding gears to vehicles, dividing the cores into three clusters provides a more efficient allocation of tasks for optimum performance and extended battery life.

It can delegate simple tasks to one cluster of cores, while directing more-complex (and more-power-hungry) tasks to the other clusters. If the smartphone is doing only simple tasks (...) on one cluster, the other clusters can power down, and therefore drive smoother performance and extended battery life."

On the other hand, Android 6.0 Marshmallow promises to revolutionize power management through software with the new Doze mode. Doze mode essentially allocates energy needs according to current use in the device. Meanwhile, it will prioritize the energy being used into the more important tasks being processed at the moment, and, when the device is in standby, the OS will gradually turn off functions that aren't needed and would otherwise drain the battery life.

In short, the combination between the deca-core processor Helio X20 from MediaTek with Google's own new Android 6.0 Marshmallow will completely change and improve energy consumption expectations we have for our smartphones in the very near future! Soon, when you have the new ZOPO deca-core flagship in your hands running on Android 6.0, you can expect your battery to last for much longer than it would in any other smartphone before!

About ZOPO Mobile:

ZOPO Mobile, established in 2008, is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the design, manufacture and marketing of mobile intelligent terminal devices, with clients spread across 135 countries. Two-time MotoGP World Champion Jorge Lorenzo is ZOPO's brand ambassador in its marketing efforts worldwide.

(Download link: Battery Life Extended! Deca-Core & Android 6.0 Marshmallow – Game Changer Combo)

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