"Colorful Elf" Color C: Add Color To Your Life!


In the fashion circle, color is the mainstream. Pantone has released the latest popular color report. Blue, red and yellow are the most fashionable colors.

ZOPO's new product Color C belongs to the Color series. Color C uses the three most popular colors to express a colorful world, delivering the feeling of youth and energy.

【Color C: Aqua Blue】

color c colorful efl (1)

color c colorful efl (2)
Beautiful aqua blue can make one imagine the energetic sports at sea, such as surfing. Aqua blue is a color which represents freshness. It is the ideal choice of fashion. With a aqua blue Color C in hand, it makes you feel a fresh breeze, like hanging out in the Greece streets. Even every breath is filled with the smell of sea breeze. More importantly, Color C could help you to capture the beautiful moments.

Hey, get it! Fall in love with the sea!

【Color C: Grapefruit Red 】


color c colorful efl (3)- color c colorful efl (4)-
Grapefruit red is a new color appearing in various fashion shows. It gains wide popularity in 2015. The characteristic of grapefruit red is that it's a expressive color, it is not so greasy as pink, and not so shining as scarlet red. It expresses the feeling of elegance and charm. With a grapefruit red Color C, it makes you feel like on the Cannes red carpet, with spotlight on you.

Miss you! All of us can be the leading roles in My Love From the Star!

【Color C: Marigold Yellow】

color c colorful efl (5)

color c colorful efl (6)

Marigold yellow is like wheat ears. It is different from golden yellow. Marigold yellow is much more intellectual and low profile than golden yellow. Its color tone is gentle and enjoyable, revealing an unsurpassed elegance and enchantment. Imagining wearing a gorgeous evening gown, with a marigold yellow Color C, your powerful auras have a pretty seductive charm.

Just one! You can rock the fashion circle!

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