Dutch premier has a good talk with ZOPO directors at Sino-Dutch Trade Dinner


Dutch premier Mark Rutte led a large business trade delegation consisting of hundreds of members to visit China on March 24-29, 2015. During which, the prime minister will successively visit Shanghai and Shenzhen with business group and participate in Boao Asia BBS. The trip is intend  to promote China-Dutch bilateral economic and trade exchanges, strengthen the Sino-Dutch trade cooperation. Access is accompanied by the environmental minister Wilma Mansfield and the VNO - NCW chairman Hans de Boer.

zopo Dutch premier (1)

26th , after the trip to Shanghai, the premier with his group flied to Shenzhen in the evening of that day for the dinner party. Except for the accompanied business group, many Dutch business partners also took part in the dinner party. ZOPO director Victor was also invited to attend the grand banquet, and had a good talk with the prime minister.

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ZOPO was founded in 2008, belongs to the domestic famous new mobile phone brand. ZOPO in 2012 comprehensively launched international operations, and formed a international elite team, distributed in Europe, southeast Asia, South Asia and other countries and regions. So far, ZOPO sold millions of mobile phones to the global operators and distributors, users all over the world. With the expansion of the international market, ZOPO in 2015 will take the European market as the focus of strategic planning, set up Europe branch to service agents much better and more timely in Europe, and brings to the European users more convenient after-sales service. ZOPO will set up a branch office in Europe in March this year, located in Netherlands.

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At the banquet, the premier Mark and ZOPO director Victor have a pleasant talk with each other on the item that ZOPO European branch sets up in Netherlands. Prime minister actively encourages ZOPO mobile to become bigger and stronger in Europe market, hopes that ZOPO can build closely and friendly long-term cooperation relationship with Netherlands, and also warmly congratulates on the forthcoming ZOPO Europe Branch at the same time.

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ZOPO Victor with Premier Mark

zopo Dutch premier (5)

ZOPO Victor with Overseas Investment Director Geron

For ZOPO development prospects of the European market, they show their confidence. ZOPO founder Kevin xu said: "Netherlands is the famous Europe starting point of the Eurasian Continental Bridge, is an important bridge between Europe and Asia economic and trade exchanges; ZOPO European operation center setting up in there will be the best choice." He added, "ZOPO into the European market, whether from the brand strength, or the quality of the product itself, all have strong innovation competitiveness, with the prime minister's visit to China, ZOPO market environment will be better and better in Europe."

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