Electronic Ink Display Technology Review


Electronic Ink, abbreviated as E Ink, is an innovative display technology. Like the traditional ink, E Ink and the circuit that could change the color of E ink can all be printed in many surfaces. The difference between the E Ink and traditional ink is E Ink can change its color while the electricity is on, and can display the dynamic image. For better understanding, we could think each E Ink particle as a“capsule”, and the capsule is loaded with electronegative black particle and electropositive white particle.

We can control the substrate current's polarity. According to the “Like chargers repel and unlike charges attract” theory, then we could realize white or black particle in the surface. Controlling the panel can display the complete image or characters. Besides, controlling the quantity of the white particles and black particles in the surface could control the gray level display of a point.

The display adopting the E Ink technology is called E Ink display. As the technology become mature, the E Ink display application range gradually becomes wide, and the images and characters can be pretty bright.
In practical application, the classic electronic product is Kindle eBook reader. Kindle is a professional reading device. Why does it choose E Ink display? Let's make simple analysis about the functionality features of E Ink display, as below:

e ink display - 1 700

▪ Protecting your eyesight. E Ink is s paperlike display, can protect your eyesight.
▪ When reading for long periods of time, there's no flicker, and the word size can be shrink or zoomed freely, which wouldn’t do any harm to your eyes.
▪ Be readable under strong light. The E Ink display based on the E Ink technology doesn’t reflect light under the sunlight, which can make you enjoy the outdoor reading.
▪ No radiation. It is safe to use. It gets rid of the radiation harm to your body in the ordinary electronic products.
▪ Full viewing angle for reading. High definition, paperlike display. The reading angle is approximate 180 degrees.

Currently, smartphone is under rapid development. It is an integral part during our life and study. Since that E Ink display has so many advantages, why hasn’t it been widely used in mobile products?
Ordinary E Ink display only has black and white these 2 colors, with gray scale. But the colorful E Ink display cost is too high, nearly several times of the ordinary E Ink display cost. In addition, the pixels of colorful E Ink display are very few, and the color is not rich. Moreover, the refresh rate of the E Ink display is low, so it can’t do the dynamic content display, such as flash and movie playback, etc.
The advantage of LCD display's color playback ability is pretty remarkable. Hence, the LCD displays are used widely in electronic devices. Let's imagine combining the E Ink technology with LCD display technology, whether it will bring us more superb experience? Russia's YotaPhone is a representative smartphone product. Maybe because of the territory and the sales price, its popularizing rate is not very high.

e ink display - 2 700

The front side uses the LCD display, and the back side adopts E Ink display. Combining these two technologies, they could complement each other. The image on an E Ink screen will be retained even when all power sources are removed. When the image is to be changed, the display is only consuming very little power to be refreshed. If only making phone calls or reading messages on the back E Ink display at ordinary times, it is very power saving. 
According to ZOPO's R&D group, ZOPO will launch a similar Speed Ink phone, loaded with an octa-core processor, support for 4G website, with Android 5.1 operating system. The rear camera may be 13.0MP for taking high quality pictures. Other configuration also reaches the mainstream level. Nowadays, ZOPO mobiles users are spread in 135 countries, and we believe that this upcoming product will attract lots of Users’ attention.  It is a smartphone that's worthy of the wait!

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