Features and Unboxing of the SPEED 7 GP


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With the new Speed 7 GP finally out of the bag, it's time for a proper introduction to everything that the user will find inside the box when buying this exclusive collector's item.


At 17,9cm x2,7cm, this is certainly an unusually shaped package for a smartphone, in the best way possible. The design is ultra-sleek and stylized with chrome red representing a motorbike rider and Jorge Lorenzo's signature. ZOPO's and Jorge Lorenzo logos on the top left corner formally make the introductions to what you will find inside: a custom made, exclusive collector's edition Jorge Lorenzo Speed 7 Plus, specially re-branded as Speed 7 GP.

Inside the box

Inside the box you will find the specially designed Speed 7 GP smartphone, with Jorge Lorenzo's signature and trademark logo embroidered in the back. The phone is similar in design and specs to the Speed 7 Plus, black version.

Deep inside the box and under the phone, the accessories are all kept inside individually designed boxes. Earphones, USB cable, Charger, Battery and paperwork (special greetings card message from Jorge Lorenzo, Instructions manual and Warranty Certificate), all have their own boxes with elegantly placed icons indicating their respective location, colored in chrome red.

The USB cable, earphones and charger all have been specially designed for this edition, using the best materials available and boosting the performance and user experience.

All and all, there is nothing like the true experience of feeling the materials in your own hands and experience the device and all its accessories by yourself. Don't miss the opportunity to have your own Speed 7 GP!

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