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With ZOPO’s further exploration of the internationalization, ZOPO products are classified into 3 series: Speed, Flash and Color. The new product Color C, codenamed ZP330, has 5 different colors: white, black, blue, red and yellow. Its appearance looks colorful and fashionable. The design retains the classic colorful style.
In terms of configuration, Color C/ZP330 is equipped with a 4.5-inch IPS display, powered by the 64-bit quad core LTE processor MT6735, with Mali-T720 graphics processor, compatible with FDD/WCDMA/GSM. It features 1GB of RAM, 8GB of ROM, 2.0MP front camera and 5.0MP rear camera. In particular, Color C runs the Android 5.1 Lollipop operating system, which guarantees the good combination of software and hardware.
4.5-inch display looks pretty smart and compact. One-hand operation experience is very comfortable. Color C is portable and solves the problem that lots of smartphones can’t use one-hand operation because of large screen.
With the increased build quality and increased design flexibility, ZOPO manufactures Color C to satisfy the market need. Color C is a smartphone with high performance and price ratio. The complete build quality is beautiful, fashionable and delicate. The lines at both sides are very straight. The four corners of Color C are processed very smoothly. The rigid-flexible combination delivers a feeling of comfortability. Volume key and power key are on the left side of the smartphone, which is convenient for one-hand operation. Same to the common smartphone, Color C has its front camera, light sensor, receiver and front LED flashlight on the front cover. This is the first selfie smartphone ZOPO adopts front LED flashlight. Color C still uses the physical key design. The breathing light is no longer on the top of the panel, but is combined with the Home key. Home key is a circular design, which expresses the modern beauty. While charging, the Home key flashes on and off, and the aureoles like water waves spread out and then gather together. It is so gorgeous!


In ZOPO Color series, red, blue and yellow smartphones look lively and fashionable. White and black ones look elegant and sedate. Multi-color is for your most favorite choice. With a detachable back cover which increases the flexibility of Color C, users can easily replace a back-up battery.
20150527122532_21716.jpg 20150527122620_36757.jpg

It is generally known that, Android Lollipop not only has more beautiful design, but also the multi-task operation, privacy protection, screen pinning, custom notification center, priority mode and power-saving mode all are improved greatly. That’s the reason why lots of users want to experience. Color C runs Android 5.1 operating system, focusing on the user experience, integrating the Z-UI into Android Lollipop. The system runs very smoothly, and the interface is beautiful and generous.
Although MT6735 is not adopted in a flagship smartphone, the performance is pretty good. The operational capability of 64-bit processor is robust. The SoC utilizes a four Cortex-A53 CPU, clocked at 1.3GHz-1.5GHz. Also, it uses the MediaTek own CorePilot technology, guaranteeing the best performance and lowest power consumption. MT6735 is based on Arm Mali-T720 GPU, support for H2.64/H2.65 1080P video playback.
Let’s compare MT6735 with the Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8616 to learn its performance.
20150527140855_13100.jpg 20150527140924_67946.jpg

In version 3.32 Geekbench tests, BQ this product monocytes run sub and multicore computing are leading in two blocks equipped with 410 Samsung Snapdragon A500H, which is divided into 633 points monocytes run multicore scored 1816 points.
20150527140951_57200.jpg 20150527141015_69381.jpg

And on another graphics processor evaluation software GFXbench, integrated Mali-T720 GPU MTK MT6735 terminal products also have the advantage of small, integrated Adreno 306 under the MSM8916 in Manhattan with Onscreen and Offscreen model T-Rex two scenes fps were lower than MTK6735. Two integrated software ratings, you can see the MT6735 performance does better than the MSM8916.
Both of their performance is good through big game test.

MT6735 can support full-mode base band. Color C also supports dual SIM and 4G LTE. It can support up to 150Mbps downlink speed, no matter browsing the webpage or watching videos, it is pretty fast.

Through various softwares test comparison, the data shows that the 4G LTE downlink speed and the download speed is 35 times faster than 4G. More importantly, Color C is a professional shot smartphone with both front and back LED flashlight.

Generally speaking, using smartphone to take pictures in low light situation shall turn on the flashlight to add fill-flash. Under low light environment, common front camera is helpless. But Color C has the front LED flashlight, even under darker environment, it can illuminate the surroundings to improve the selfie pictures.

Through comparison, we could obviously find that while turning the flashlight off, the picture is dark and dim, and the noisy points is too many. The overall picture quality is poor.
Although Color C is only equipped with a 5.0MP prime camera, as far as we know, larger pixels mean less noisy points and better picture quality. But the camera lens and the subsequent picture processing technology also can influence the picture quality. Let’s have a look at the pictures taken by Color C to learn its picture-taking function.

▲ Indoor Picture -Taking

▲Outdoor Picture -Taking

▲At Close-distance Picture-Taking
In general, the picture-taking effect is pretty good.
Color C can be called the most cost-effective dual SIM 4G LTE smartphone of ZOPO. It is also the first professional selfie smartphone of ZOPO that adopts dual front and back LED flashlight. Color C has delicate build quality and beautiful appearance, very fashionable and dynamic. It is feature-packed and with steady performance. Also, it uses Android 5.1 Lollipop operating system. The good combination of software and hardware greatly improves the user experience. Although the configuration doesn't reach the flagship level, it can perfectly satisfy the need of daily use.
It is believed that ZOPO’s Color C of Color series can bring users with a brand new experience.


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