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Welcome to Our Moderator Team!

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Welcome to login zopo forum!

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Moderator  Rules:
An applicant for a moderator position has  to meet the following requirements:
1.Familiar with ZOPO smartphones, and some experience in post, reply and edit to  a post.
2.Sufficient time to perform the moderator duties and can also be able to  communicate and cooperate with the administrator to moderate the forum.
3.Handle the daily forum moderation duties according to the "just, fair andopen" rule.
①Move, block or delete the post which is not in compliance with the section  content.
②Warn or ban the user whose post is seriously against the forum rules.
4.  Actively participate in the discussions withusers and reply the questions of users.
Beaware of the discussion tone and deal with the disputes among users.
5.Focus on ZOPO' offcial latest news, actively join in the interactions on  Facebook, and create and share good content in the forum.

Applicataion  method:
1.Introduce your personal skills and how much you know about the Android phones
2.Introduce whether you have forum moderation experience
3.Introduce your suggestions for our forum

The  moderator's  fundamental rights:
1.Managing the users and the post contents
2.Not restriced by post flood, unlimited uploads and downloads.
3.Put the good post on the top.

1. Weare looking for moderators all over the world. The applicant could introduce  how much you know about smartphones and your moderation experience and  organization skill in a forum. Our administrator will audit your applicaiton,and will offer the moderator position if approved.
2. Weenforce the moderator rules and the moderators shall abide by the rules. If  not, the moderator will be eliminated from the team after audit.
3.The administrator will select good moderators and give appropriate reward.

Apply for contact email: yitao@live.com

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