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Slim phone. The configuration of the 5-inch dual-SIM smartphone by Zopo places it in the mid-range. It features a cutting edge octa-core processor in addition to an HD screen. Nevertheless, The smaller drawbacks are found in details, but the phone might be an interesting alternative anyway.
For the original German review, see here.
A smartphone from China dubbed ZP1000 by Zopo Mobile has now reached the European market. The devices are, however, only sold by selected online shops. Since they are normally dispatched from Germany, no additional import fees are due within the EU.
The ZP1000's configuration places it in the mid-range, In addition to anHD-IPS screen, it sports a swift octa-core processor from MediaTek. Though the 16 GB of internal storage is reasonably sized, it cannot be expanded.

Zopo's ZP1000 is comfortable to hold due to its weight of 150 grams and is quite slim with just 7.2 millimeters.
The ZP1000 is available in blue, white, and gold.
The back is partially comprised of metal and gives the phone some degree of quality looks. Unfortunately, the manufacturer also uses rather cheap looking plastic. The screen in the gold-colored model that we are reviewing is surrounded by a glossy-gold plastic bezel, which gives the phone a certain toy-like look.
The smartphone proves to be very rigid despite its slim build but also produces quiet creaking noises. Barely any pressure can be applied to the narrow edges because the bezel around the screen is only very thin. Consequently, waves are not seen on the screen in everyday use. The screen is protected by scratch-resistant Corning Gorilla Glass 3. Unfortunately, the manufacturer additionally covers it with a screen protector, which not only looks unsightly but is also unnecessary. The gaps between the display glass and bezel are not even.
The physical buttons are easy to find with the fingers and have a clear pressure point. The battery unfortunately cannot be removed.

Zopo's ZP1000 does not have a generous supply of interfaces. The micro-USB 2.0 port for recharging the device is on the smartphone's lower edge. It supports OTG so that external storage or input devices can be connected. MHL is not supported. The SIM slot tray is on the left and is easy to open with the included tool. Either a nano or a micro-SIM card can be inserted. However, only the former is 3G-capable.
The only buttons are on the right: power and volume

Google's Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean operating system is pre-loaded. The manufacturer overlays it with its own UI that looks quite colorful and lively. Besides that, a few free apps are pre-loaded, but they can be deleted easily.

Communication & GPS
Zopo's ZP1000 connects to the home network via the Wi-Fi module. It supports the IEEE 802.11 b/g/n standards and consequently only transmits in the 2.4 GHzfrequency band. The range is quite good. We still temporarily had a good signal even 20 meters away from the Fritz!Box 6360 router. Although the quality fluctuated strongly, it was always enough for Internet browsing.
Bluetooth 4.0 is also installed. The wireless standard functioned impeccably. We could easily share data with a PC. Music streamed from the Internet could be rendered via an external Bluetooth speaker without interference. NFC is not a feature.
HSPA+ is available for mobile Internet. Downloads with up to 42.2 Mbit/s and uploads with up to 11.5 Mbit/s are possible. The limited frequency band coverage could lead to a weaker reception in rural areas.
The GPS receiver was not convincing. Satellites were not found indoors, and it also took a moment until we were localized outdoors. Route tracking
was weak compared with the Garmin Edge 500. We were off-road most of the time according to the ZP1000.
App GPS Test outdoors

The speech quality of Zopo's ZP1000 is rather middling. The called person was always well-intelligible but a bit quiet. It
was the same on the other side, only that occasional speech dropouts occurred. The speaker reinforced these flaws, but the headset made a quite good impression.
Zopo ZP1000
Zopo ZP1000
Garmin Edge 500
Garmin Edge 500

Garmin Edge 500

Zopo ZP1000

Cameras & Multimedia
Zopo Mobile uses the camera that other manufacturers install as a primary camera as the webcam. The front-facing camera has a rich resolution of 8 MP (max. 3264x2448 pixels). The lens thus has real selfie qualities. Pictures are slightly blurry and give the impression of a somewhat too strong soft-focus lens. That is not at all bad for selfies, but the effect is a bit too intense and cannot be disabled or optimized.
The primary camera on the back features an even higher resolution of up to 14.2 MP (4352x3264 pixels). While the center of the pictures is still nice and sharp, aclear loss in focus is evident at the sides. Details are only shapeless lumps in some places. A fairly strong image noise is visible in weak light, but useful pictures are possible using the integrated LED flash.
[size=1em]Videos can actually be recorded in Full HD, but the resolution of 1920x1088 pixelsis a bit nonstandard. Besides that, the recording is only taken with 16 frames per second so that it is not smooth.
The phone app is clearly arranged.

All important features are easily accessible even when establishing a connection.

The accessories included for Zopo's ZP100 are comparatively lush. In addition to a data cable and a modular power supply (5V, 1A) with an output of 5 watts, the SIM tray tool, a stylus, a car charger, extra screen protectors, and a small cleaning
cloth are in the scope of delivery.
Zopo Mobile includes a twelve-month warranty on the ZP1000. Thus, European buyers should make sure not to order the phone directly from the manufacturer. When purchased from a retailer within the EU, the buyer receives a two-year warranty.

Input Devices and Controls
The capacitive touchscreen is the main input component of Zopo's ZP1000. It responds quite well and detects up to five simultaneous inputs. However, tapping was occasionally not detected the first time so that we had to touch the wanted icon again. The swiping properties are quite good, but the screen protector is slightly inhibiting.
The Android stock keyboard does not use more than 50% of the screen's surface in either portrait or landscape mode. Typing messages in portrait mode is also quite comfortable. However, there is no additional row for number or frequently used special characters.
Zopo ZP1000
Zopo ZP1000

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Nokia Lumia 1020
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Sony Alpha 57 (reference)
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