How to add, change, or delete users in Android Lollipop

2015/07/21 | Source: PC World

One of the best features of Android Lollipop is the ability to have multiple user accounts on the same device. It is ideal for sharing between family members. Parents and children can have their own home screen and set of apps, which they can customize to their liking.

To access account profiles, swipe down with two fingers, then touch your account picture (the exact process may vary depending on your Android device's interface).

You can switch or add a new user profile from the Quick Settings menu.

Then, you’ll see your name and profile picture next to any other accounts you’ve added and an option to add a guest or another user.

A guest profile is useful for handing your device to someone who just wants to check it out, or just needs to run a particular app briefly. Just touch Add guest and they can play around on your smartphone without accessing any of your personal information.

If you need to add someone else to the device for regular use, then select Add user. This will require a couple of additional steps such as signing in to or creating a new Google account.

Keep in mind the owner account has god-like powers over the device, with the ability to uninstall apps or remove accounts entirely.

To edit or delete any of the extra accounts, go to Settings > Users. Touch the trash can icon to eliminate any of these user profiles.

Delete any profiles that you no longer need.

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