Is India ready for another player in its market? YES!


zopo speed 7 india launch event

ZOPO just entered the Indian market. It has been made official since the formal press event held in New Delhi in the past 26th of August. Several major media outlets attended the event and had a chance to take a first look at the Speed 7 smartphone, which will be made available in the first week of September, exclusively on Snapdeal for Rs.12,999.

Crowded space?

As it matures, many have been commenting on the saturation of the Chinese handheld phone market, with one of the clearest signs of that tendency being the growing investment from local Chinese manufactures into other markets. Namely, India. Several Chinese companies are already well established in India, and others are trying to get their footing in the country. ZOPO arrives now, but with a well established reputation, production capabilities, and excellent commercial partnerships and business connections. All these factors are at play into placing ZOPO in a very advantageous position, as it directly faces market competition from the likes of Meizu, Xiaomi, OnePlus and others. In fact, Meizu introduced its new phone for the Indian market in the same day as ZOPO did with the Speed 7.

ZOPO's Ambition!

ZOPO's standing and ambition for the Indian market have been fiercely set: to sell up to 100 thousand units a month, and over one million in the next 12 months. The focus will remain in mid to premium devices, and in the upcoming months a new smartphone will shall be released, priced between Rs. 13,000~15,000.

Media and public reception of the Speed 7 have both been extremely positive and enthusiastic, helping ZOPO to reassure its expectations to dominate the market segment in which it is inserted.

In this raging battle between diverse brands, only time will tell who will come up on top. Still, as of right now, there is a clear winner in this situation, and that is the consumer! With more competition, more options and competitive prices for the public, the end user is the main beneficiary. Hopefully, all together, we will turn India into the most dynamic and healthy smartphone market in the World!

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