Magic VS ZP980+


ZP980+, octa-core 1.7GHz CPU, was released in January, 2014.  And MAGIC, the upgrade of the ZP980+,  the first colored drawing smart phone, was released in December, 2014. Wondering why I would say like that? Please follow my words.

ZP980+ is equipped with 5” FHD screen and MT6592 true octa-core CPU as well as 14MP+5MP camera.

MAGIC is the first colored drawing mobile phone, which carrying 64-bit octa-core CPU (MT6752), 13.2MP+8MP camera with SONY new generation sapphire lens.

zopo magic zp980 (1)

Comparing the appearance of the two, there seems to be less different.

While, ZP980+ has a rounded body; MAGIC looks more sharp in edge.

zopo magic zp980 (2)

Both adopt the design conception of narrow margin, which means a big screen.

Thanks to the concept of narrow margin, MAGIC with 5.2” FHD IPS screen has a more comfortable sense in sight and touch.

zopo magic zp980 (3)

ZP980+ traditionally utilizes 3 concrete buttons, while MAGIC combines the HOME button and the breathing lamp with a round design. The light ring flashes just like a magic wave.

zopo magic zp980 (4)

MAGIC 13.2MP camera uses 5 pieces of sapphire lens so as to catch more precise color, and exposure is improved by 30% with F/2.0 aperture.

zopo magic zp980 (5)

ZP980+ uses metal-fake materials as frame, a relatively delicate process.

MAGIC enjoys a much better craft—metal and flat frame, curved top and bottom and highlight process of the broadside.

zopo magic zp980 (6)

ZP980+ matches with concise cover, while MAGIC owns a glassy and exquisite cover, which takes on colorful feathers and shows a sense of fantastic aesthetic.

zopo magic zp980 (7)

Contrasting the rear camera, MAGIC is better in color reproduction; ZP980+ is good in light regulation but not so exquisite.

zopo magic zp980 (8)

Contrasting the front facing camera, MAGIC performs great.

zopo magic zp980 (9)

Both are good in color expression of the screen. However, MAGIC has 85% high color saturation, and behaves more exquisite whichever angle.

zopo magic zp980 (10)

Comparing the two testing results, we can see that MAGIC is powerful than ZP980+ in GPS. And with 3 positioning systems—GPS, GLONASS,BDS,the position and navigation of MAGIC gains more advantages.

zopo magic zp980 (11)

zopo magic zp980 (12)

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