Official: Android M stands for Marshmallow!


Android M stands for Marshmallow

We suspected Google would go with Marshmallow for Android M's dessert name, and that turned out to be true! The company has just revealed a brand new statue on the lawn of building 43. For those who may not be able to view the image, it's a big Android statue holding an equally huge marshmallow.

The statue is a bit uninspiring, sure. We would have preferred some sort of Android-shaped Marshmallow. That would be cool. But it works, and it did its job of teasing us about the new goods ahead of an expected late 2015 arrival.

And that's all we’ll get for now. There's no release date just yet, and we suspect we won’t get one until Google has finalized plans to introduce the new Nexus phones we're hearing LG and Huawei are making. But them having settled on a name means the gravy train is just about ready to get rolling, and you’ll want to get on-board when it does.

The next major Android version will be trying to optimize the performance even further by lowering the RAM usage, improving the standby and overall battery endurance.

Android M will also introduce native support for fingerprint sensors and security authentications. An official app permission manager is coming too, as well as support for USB Type-C connectors and capability for charging other devices.

In the meantime, be sure to get caught up to speed on Android Marshmallow features and everything it's bringing to the table.

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