I’ve come to realize that a ROM is made up of a million hard decisions and a sprinkle of fairy dust, and a bit of that fairy dust is the wallpaper that users see when they first boot the device.

To be frank, the default wallpaper is probably one of the more fluffy and inconsequential decisions amidst a mountain of technical challenges and UX land mines, but it's one of those decisions that can make or break a user's first impression of a device and it's that bit of magic that makes a new ROM so special. For that bit of magic, Arz, our lead designer, went through 188 iterations of design before landing on the version we took as our default wallpaper for the first OxygenOS release. Pyra was simple, minimal, and true to the ROM's stock Lollipop inspired roots. The color palette was vibrant and fresh, enough to lift your spirit but not too flamboyant that it would bother your eyes if you never switched wallpapers. To this day, it's still one of my personal favorites.

For v2, we wanted to curate a set of truly beautiful and unique wallpapers that could bring some of that fairy dust to the lives of our users and help turn metal and plastic into something more personal and expressive. We had multiple designers from different nations contributing their creativity and artistry and we acquired some stunning photographs from an artist that many of you may be familiar with. And perhaps the most interesting story is how we got our default wallpaper this time, it came from a rather unexpected source.

Carl emailed me from India one day and said he met a Swedish artist named Hampus in Goa who wanted to make wallpapers for OnePlus. I paused for a second to digest how all those words even connected into a sentence then I thought, wow that's so cool, we are inspiring (and being inspired) by people from all corners of the world. I checked out Hampus’ website and was immediately blown away by his collection. I’m not an art critic so I’m not going to attempt to articulate his style here (you should just see for yourself), but I could imagine how fantastical his work would look on the beautiful new display on the OnePlus 2.  --zopo

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