Why does a MotoGP World Champion partner with ZOPO?


jorge lorenzo zopo speed 7 smartphone

Two-time MotoGP World Champion Jorge Lorenzo became brand ambassador for ZOPO last July. While many might have found themselves scratching their head trying to figure out how this seemingly random cooperation came to exist, the reality is, both Lorenzo and ZOPO have much in common, according to the company. ZOPO had this to say when the deal with Lorenzo was signed:

“MotoGP racing is one of the most challenging sports and Jorge Lorenzo was the youngest racer who joined this world champions league in racing history. Winning the MotoGP championship was his dream when he was 15 and now his dream has been realized, twice. His spirit of striving hard to pursue the dream is consistent with ZOPO's brand idea. We chose Jorge Lorenzo as our brand spokesman to deliver our brand ideals: 'Zealous, Open, Persistent, Outstanding' to the whole world."

Jorge Lorenzo himself is an entrepreneur, with his own clothing line – Skull Rider – and several other personal investments, seeking new business opportunities. In that sense, partnering with a well established Chinese phone producer makes sense, in order to broaden his own brand awareness, worldwide.

On the other hand, ZOPO's current biggest market is Spain, therefore choosing a Spanish star-athlete like Jorge Lorenzo is a logical move, to increase the public appeal towards the brand in Spain, as well as in other western markets.

Ultimately, both ZOPO and Lorenzo are young, ambitious and strive for speed and performance in their fields. And that might be the main common point that brought them together.

Jorge Lorenzo will be appearing at a special reveal event in Barcelona, on the 15th September, together with ZOPO. The event will be held at fnac store in Praça de Catalunya, and it is expected that a new product will be announced.

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