Why ZOPO chooses Snapdeal for exclusive partner?


zopo speed 7 jorge lorenzo Snapdeal

When entering a new market, few things are more important than having the right business partners with you. As ZOPO cast our eyes in India for the launch of Speed 7, the choice to partner with Snapdeal was not too hard to predict, considering the e-commerce landscape in India.
Snapdeal is the ultimate reference in e-commerce in the country, and a local company as well. Partnering with native and well established enterprises when entering a new national market is of paramount importance to truly get a business immersed and well integrated in its new ecosystem.

Snapdeal started its operations in 2010, but has quickly grown to become a juggernaut, boasting relations with over 100.000 sellers, shipping to more than 5000 towns and cities, and counting over 9000 employees in its ranks. Snapdeal is now a multi-billion dollar company, and a force to be reckoned with. Plus, Snapdeal is also a philanthropist, frequently helping local communities. Indeed, one of such communities even decided to change its name to Snapdeal.com after the company installed 15 water hand pumps at the location. Yes, there is a town in India called Snapdeal.com.

Partnering exclusively with Snapdeal for ZOPO's introduction in India is just the first step of what promises to be a very healthy long-term relationship with the Indian consumer as the focus. Expect more deals between ZOPO and Snapdeal in the future.

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