Zopo 2016 Roadmap - Color S5/5.5, Speed 8, Flash S5/F5i Smartphones

2015/12/19 | Source: Technos Amigos

Zopo Mobiles releases 7 smartphones as the roadmap for 2016.

We are just couple of months away from New Year Celebrations and new year brings new hopes. For Zopo they have a decent plan for 2016 and a total of 7 new phones will be launching. Here are the smartphones planned for 2016 by Zopo Mobiles.

zopo jorge lorenzo

2012 launched Zopo Mobile, headquartered in Shenzhen, China, Zopo Communications manufacturers smartphones powered with Android. It’s sold in mainland China, Europe and USA.

In 2015 the company were able to extend sales of their smartphone in Hong Kong, Jordan, Netherlands, Malaysia, Mynamar, Spain, France and Italy.

Zopo Color S5.5

In January 2016 Zopo Mobiles will launch Color S5.5 with 5.5 inch display and mini version with color S5. In February Speed GP will debut in early February.

Color S5.5 - 700

From March to July 2015, Zopo has planned launch of Flash S5 and Flash F5i with camera centric features.

Next inline is the Zopo Speed 8 will be the latest addition to the flagship range.

Zopo also has Color S4.5 for 1st half of 2016 which could be with 4.5 inch smartphone.

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