ZOPO Chocolate Conquers the Dutch COMM Fair


ZOPO amazingly show up in the Dutch communication exhibition, which is from 19th to 20th in November, 2014.

The exhibition, also gain the attention of the global communications industry giants and medias, and is attended by a lot of well-known brands of mobile phone, say, LG, HTC, Huawei, so and so forth.

zopo Dutch COMM Fair (1)

The exhibitions in regard of communication technology, really seem like luxurious feast of fashion and high-end audio and video technology. And IT industry tycoons spare no effort to show themselves to be known and concerned, so as to gain a international reputation and establish world-wide business relationship.

Obviously, ZOPO, as a new prominent brand of domestic mobile phone, also racks its brain to prepare for the exhibition. It not only releases its most popular mobile phone types, but also perfectly combines its brand with creative life, and exclusively makes a kind of chocolate with the logo – ZOPO, which is small and round, looking very special and cute.

zopo Dutch COMM Fair (2)

ZOPO chocolate? Oh my god, really? That sounds very fantastic. It's said to taste rather good; how I wish I could be there too so that I can have a try either, I love chocolate!!

I have heard that the chocolate with ZOPO is very popular to all during the exhibition, and even attracts thousands of participating guests. In fact, it truly causes great sensation in the exhibition.

What is more awesome, as the ZOPO cellphone sells well in Europe, customers strongly demand of the mass customization of this limited – edition chocolate, which will be taken as small gift to users at the later product promotion.
zopo Dutch COMM Fair (3)

Right here, I would like to say, I desire for it either! Dear me!

Having said all of the above, what is the detail of this show for ZOPO? Let's go and see it!

zopo Dutch COMM Fair (4)

zopo Dutch COMM Fair (5)

Wow! There has plenty to eat and drink , and of course many beauties and handsome boys, undeniably a feast for the eyes. That sounds extremely exciting, doesn’t it?

ZOPO chocolate, wins over the Dutch communication fair completely! It seems like that ZOPO brand is going to fly high in world-wide business in all probability. How amazing it is!

zopo Dutch COMM Fair (6)

However, I cannot have chocolate, cannot meet handsome boy, I need to stay here to write the article for share! OH MY DEAR! I cannot do that !

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