ZOPO European Operations Center Soon to Open


After the MWC 2015 in Barcelona, ZOPO has launched the European operations plan. It aims to extend the ZOPO brand into European markets. ZOPO will increase investment in European marketing operation. In late March, Dutch premier Mark Rutte led a large business trade delegation consisting of hundreds of members to visit China. ZOPO took this opportunity to actively communicate with the Dutch trade delegation about business cooperation, which laid a solid foundation for the newly established European operations center.

ZOPO European Operations Center (1)

ZOPO European Operations Center (2)

ZOPO European operations center will be open in the first half of the year. Mr. Kevin Xu, the ZOPO brand founder remarked: “ZOPO will carry out the delayering management in the European operations center. We’ll not only increase the investment in the design team and the operation team, but also fully upgrade the after-sales service quality and emphasize on service differentiation, seeking to improve ZOPO's innovation and competitiveness and to enhance the market shares.

ZOPO European Operations Center (3)

In 2012, ZOPO has started global operation through an elite international team, spread in Europe, Southeast Asia, South Asia and other countries and regions. ZOPO establishes an integrated operations center abroad, and strives to create a new operating mode - design in Europe.This also indicates that the ZOPO brand globalization has made a great step forward.”

ZOPO European Operations Center (4)

Nowadays, ZOPO operations center has been established in Europe, and will be open soon. It is bound to be icing on the cake for ZOPO brand globalization. ZOPO will give a satisfactory answer for the European mobile users with most innovation and competitiveness.

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