ZOPO FOCUS/ZP720 Evaluation


ZOPO new products are divided as SPEED, FLASH, COLOR series. Meanwhile, FLASH series will continuously launch much better and more camera phone, and give users more intelligent experience. The newly released ZOPO FOCUS is one member of the FLASH series, and is one of the attractive products, same as the ZOPO MAGIC - another new product of FLASH series. ZOPO FOCUS has fashionable appearance, excellent photo taking experience and exquisite design of craft.

zopo focus zp720 (1)

●Appearance Evaluation

The in-hand ZOPO FOCUS is one of the most eye-catching mobile phone not only by the appearance; but at the first, we talk about appearance at a start. Double-glass fuselage craft is rarely applied into mobile phone manufacture, while it is definitely true that this kind of style is beautiful and decent, and also comfortable in holding. Combining with the quality and the beauty based on high-end technology, FOCUS ‘s rear tempered glass reaches a hardness index 6H, which is the top of the industry, and can efficiently protect the phone from scratching.

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Nowadays broad screen phone is a tendency, yet 5” - 5.5” screen undoubtedly give consideration to both the suitable screen size and the comfortable grip feeling. ZOPO FOCUS utilizes 5.3” IPS sharp screen, with narrow frame design process, 7.6mm of thickness, so as to present a light and fashionable style.

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ZOPO FOCUS looks beautiful from all angles—the four sides of the frame are upright, and the four angles are round, which are combining the hardness with softness. Up the screen ranks the front camera, the earphone, the light sensor, the range sensor and so on. At the bottom the virtual HOME button takes on a red ring when it's lighting, while the MENU button and the RETURN button all looks like round spot. The front view of the phone looks concise and also graceful in collocation.

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Same as the ZOPO MAGIC, ZOPO FOUCUS also takes use of the metal material as frame and button. Applying to the exquisite grinding process, metal frame enjoys a more comfortable sense of touch, at the same time can reduce the dirty print of the finger. As a mobile phone who is dual-SIM-dual-standby, ZOPO FOCUS has two slots in the same side and uses metal for the tray. In a word, ZOPO FOCUS provides high-end technology level as a whole.

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At the top of the ZOPO FUCUS fuselage installs a extraordinary IR emitter function—a very practical function. As the popularity of the intelligent household appliances, say, TV, air conditioner, projector, so and so forth, ZOPO FOCUS can also transform as a remote control, indeed multifunction integrated and convenient.

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●System and UI Evaluation

Based on Android operating system, with triangle, geometric splicing, starry sky and other visual elements, Z-UI began its design and is artfully utilized the four primary colors - red, blue, orange and green - to give users a visual experience just like a fresh wind and to create a young and fashion sense; every icon totally simplifies 12% in vision, adjusts its fillet and optimizes the ratio, to provide a more gentle sight!

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ZOPO FOCUS supports Hotknot technology, wifi-display, compass, hall-sensor and other common used sensors. Further more, Z-UI has built in many special functions, say, smart wake, gesture sensing, etc.

●Hardware Evaluation

As a mobile phone, screen display effect is a very important part of it. ZOPO FOCUS owns a color saturation highly reaching up to 95%, which is hardly found in other mobile phone brands. High saturation makes picture display more bright and more plump, thus to present a much more colorful life.

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It carries MT6732 64-bit quad core CPU with Cortex-A53 structure and 28nm technology, is much better in performance when comparing to the 32-bit CPU. Working together with Mali-T760 GPU, the phone runs rather smooth.

Antutu score highly reaches up to more than 30,000, completely surpasses HTC One.

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It is more than equal to playing the game, and also pretty good in video display.

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●Photo Taking Evaluation

zopo focus zp720 (15)

outdoor shot

zopo focus zp720 (16)

shot in sunshine

zopo focus zp720 (17)

micro spur shot

As one part of FLASH series, ZOPO FOCUS not only has various of camera models, also can makes photo taking a much more fun thing. It can support real-time beautify, gesture shot, smile shot and voice shot, so and so forth. FOCUS hardware has rear SONY new generation 13.2MP camera, with high-class camera components, by multiple glasses filtration, to take on pretty good imaging effect.

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