ZOPO new products are divided as SPEED, FLASH, COLOR series. Meanwhile, FLASH series will continuously launch much better and more camera phone, and give users more intelligent experience. The newly released ZOPO FOCUS is one member of the FLASH series, and is one of the attractive products, same as the ZOPO MAGIC - another new product of FLASH series. ZOPO FOCUS has fashionable appearance, excellent photo taking experience and exquisite design of craft.

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ZOPO FOCUS equips with 5.3” IPS shape screen, and reaches up to 95% high saturation. What's more, it enjoys 13.2MP SONY new generation rear camera and 5MP 87.3°broad angle front camera. It carries MT6732 64-bit quad core CPU with Cortex-A53 structure and 28nm technology, is much better in performance when comparing to the 32-bit CPU. Besides, the operating system utilizes the customized Z- UI based on Android 4.4 version so as to optimize and realize much better user experience.

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In terms of the appearance, ZOPO FOCUS for the first time adopts integrated fuselage and double - glass processing design. What is particularly worth mentioning is that the rear tempered glass reaches a hardness index 6H, which is the top of the industry, and can efficiently protect the phone from scratching. In the meantime, it takes the advantage of innovative technology to add one piece of blow-out disc, and to make you still feel easy when your phone falls off. Thus it ensure a sense of beauty as well as durance. In addition, the fuselage is slim, only 7.6mm; and it takes narrow frame design to achieve a feeling of comfortable touch.

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Moreover, the broadside of the phone adopts vacuum blasting metal frame technology, frame mellow and full, and being furnished with gold or silver texture, so the phone is good in the sense of touch and also enjoys an eye-catching fashionable texture.

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When it comes to the detail, ZOPO FOCUS, same as ZOPO MAGIC, takes use of round breathing lamp design, combining with the HOME button. And it is also good in expansibility, supporting 5-model dual SIM dual standby and SD card expandable. Further more, it supports Hotknot technology, wifi-display and other common used sensors.

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As the increasing of intelligent household appliances, intelligentization has become a indispensable part of our life. On the top of the ZOPO FOCUS adding up IR emitter function, users can remotely control their TVs, air conditioners, projectors and other intelligent household appliances by cellphone IR emitter, which is practical and simple in operation.

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As one part of FLASH series, ZOPO FOCUS not only has various of camera models, also can makes photo taking a much more fun thing. It can support real-time beautify, gesture shot, smile shot and voice shot, so and so forth. FOCUS hardware has rear SONY new generation 13.2MP camera, with high-class camera components, by multiple glasses filtration, to take on pretty good  imaging effect.

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As a mobile phone, screen display effect is a very important part of it. ZOPO FOCUS owns a color saturation highly reaching up to 95%, which is hardly found in other mobile phone brands. High saturation makes picture display more bright and more plump, thus to present a much more colorful life.

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ZOPO FOCUS ‘s wonderful double-glass integrated fuselage emerges before us a concise style. Speaker sets inside the small notch at the bottom of phone, and fine grid and build-in filter layer are able to protect the ashes from entering into the fuselage, and to ensure of the fair-sounding quality at the same time.

The fashionable ZOPO FOCUS wins my faith over, whatever, I believe it deserve to be embraced. Everybody, let's move!

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