ZOPO Gaining A Dazzling Attention in OSELL Convention


On April 9th, ZOPO was invited by the host OSELL.com to participate in the  International Negotiation Convention for Purchaser in Dongguan. ZOPO had exhibited some latest 4G start products, such as ZP999, ZP920, ZP720, ZP530, etc. These 4G products, with high cost-performance ratio, had been deeply favored by Russian clients. They were the spot focus in the convention! According to the feedback of some Russian purchasers, ZOPO mobile is very popular and has a very good public praise in Russia. Some users even come to China to make a bulk purchase of ZOPO mobiles because of affection. They felt pretty surprisingly to see ZOPO brand in this convention.

OSELL Convention (1)

The "OSELL International Negotiation Convention for Purchasers in Dongguan" was held in Dongguan Wanda Vista Hotel, seeking to expand the circle of business connections between Chinese purchasers and Russian Purchasers and to build an interactive cross-border e-commerce O2O trading platform for mutual benefits. ZOPO's participation in this convention aims to expand the marketing platform of ZOPO brand in cross-border e-commence area, also to comply with the ZOPO brand internationalization strategy and diversified development operation pattern.

OSELL Convention (1)

ZOPO Mobile Booth

OSELL Convention (2)

ZOPO Brand Advertising Area

OSELL Convention (2)

ZOPO Brand has been deeply favored by Russian E-commerce Enterprises

After the convention, the three major e-commerce enterprises Sotivik, Mobilemarket, Gmarte have visited ZOPO and experienced ZOPO's newly developed smartphone. They remarked:“ ZOPO smartphone really brings us too many surprises and excitements. We regret we didn't meet sooner, however, it's not too late to cooperate." And then the major Russian three e-commerce enterprises signed trade cooperation agreements with ZOPO to establish friendly cooperation relationships.

OSELL Convention (3)
Russian Customers Visiting ZOPO Headquarters 

OSELL Convention (4)

Russian Clients Visiting ZOPO Mobile Experience Zone

OSELL Convention (5)

Negotiating the Cooperative Program in the Convention Room

After the MWC 2015 in Barcelona, ZOPO brand has received a lot of warm attention from customers again and has a very good marketing public praise across the globe. No matter the brand influence or the product quality of ZOPO mobile has had the mainstream level of innovation and competency strength now. Mr. Kevin Xu, the founder of ZOPO brand, remarked:" ZOPO is a mobile smart technology brand with international influence. The successful exhibition of ZOPO mobile in the OSELL International Negotiation Convention for Purchasers in Dongguan indicates that the ZOPO brand will move forward on the road to internationalization in the online operation area, and will strive to comprehensively and diversifiedly forge the ZOPO brand into a international mobile smart technology phone leading brand.

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