ZOPO in Malaysia


The speedup and upgrade of 4G, provides the global cellphone industry with both opportunities and challenge.

AS Chinese mobile phone market is being in the last round of fighting and reshuffle in 2014, overseas market competition is gradually escalating.

ZOPO brand founder Kevin. Xu disclose that ZOPO began to step into overseas market in 2012 and now had established many ZOPO stores in 32 countries, for instance, Spain, Italy, France, Ukraine, Holland so and so forth.

It's said that ZOPO synchronously lays out on-line and off-line, and wins over the Malaysia market with undoubtedly high quality after  the ZOPO brand conference in Malaysia in July.

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It's reported that ZOPO not only spent a large sum of money in setting up stores abroad, but also synchronous achieved on-line and off-line sales.

ZOPO gave top priority to product quality, laid down perfect overseas operations strategy, largely covered user groups without geographical restrictions and gained pretty good reputation and influence by on-line and off-line marketing.

ZOPO is accelerating to expand and lay out in overseas market especially Europe and Southeast Asia market, and to build an international brand image.

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In terms of after-sales service, ZOPO has very competitive policy, taking Malaysia as an example, ZOPO set up 23 after-sales service  sites in total in 15 cities of Malaysia, so that anything customers bought in ZOPO could be replaced for free, well-repaired in 15 days, and also could be sent to us for maintenance by Express.

Wilson Koay , ZOPO manager in Malaysia, explained that, ZOPO brand has rich experience in research and development of smartphone, has excellent upper-class supply chain integration ability, has extreme demands on product quality, standardized production  process and strict quality  and safety control system. I consider ZOPO a trustworthy brand, that's why I introduce ZOPO to Malaysia user.

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