ZOPO is Awarded “Top 10 Promising Mobile Brands 2014 in China


On April 10, the 4th China Annual Mobile Industry Conference themed “Industrial Interconnect and Smart Ecosystem" was held in Sheraton Shenzhen Futian Hotel. More than 1,000 mobile industry elites across the country were present in Shenzhen. They deeply discussed the development trends and problems of the global mobile phone industry, seeking to find out the solutions. In addition, the conference announced the "Annual China Mobile Brands 2014", and ZOPO was awarded one of the "Top 10 Chinese Promising Mobile Brands”.

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As early as 2013, ZOPO had been awarded "Top 10 Chinese Promosing Mobile Brands".  ZOPO won the honor again this year owing to the support from China Mobile Industry Association. In addition, at the beginning of the foundation of ZOPO brand, it had been awarded "A New Industrial Record", "Famous Mobile Industry Brand 2012", "The Most Innovative Cutting-edge Mobile 2012", "High-tech Enterprise", “ The Best Innovative Mobile Brand 2013 ", “The Most Innovative Model" in China Financial Summit, etc.

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Nowadays, with 4G coming, China Mobile Industry Smart Ecosystem has been built gradually. Mobile terminals and smart application technology deeply influences people's life and work. China Mobile Industry is becoming thriving which drives the domestic economic growth. Industrial interconnect and smart ecosystem can realize the rational allocation and utilization of resources in communications area. While Apple and Samsung these international brands encountering the bottleneck period, China mobile producers catch up vigorously, aiming to be transformed into International Brands. In 2014, ZOPO has stepped into 4G products field. Under this historical background, ZOPO mobile has gained a very good public praise across the globe with unique technological innovation and brand-operation strategy.

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In the future, as one of the Top 10 Promising Mobile Brands, ZOPO will move forward and keep on innovation, striving to bring the latest mobile smart technology and the best high quality service to each user in the world.

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