ZOPO MAGIC/ZP920 Evaluation


If you think magic is funny, then MAGIC can give you more fun. MAGIC is just like a magician, turning impossible issues into reality from every detail.

ZOPO MAGIC equips 5.2” FHD IPS screen, carries MT6752 64-bit octa-core CPU, supports 4G internet speed of China Mobile and China Unicom, and dual card dual standby. 8MP front camera and 13.2MP rear camera can perfectly meet your needs with 83.2° broad angle and F/2.0 aperture. What's more, it's the first colored drawing mobile phone.

zopo magic zp920 (1)

Appearance Evaluation

If you are wandering between 5” - 5.5” mainstream screen size, 5.2” screen is no doubt a good choice.

ZOPO MAGIC totally executes narrow frame concept, and also enjoys a 85% high color saturation and wonderful visual experience.

zopo magic zp920 (2)

Comparing to the previous design style, the appearance and craft of MAGIC is relatively gorgeous—the two broadside are hard and straight, while the top and the bottom are taking on a “C” shape arc surface, perfectly combining the hardness with softness.

zopo magic zp920 (3)

metal frame

zopo magic zp920 (4)

Up the screen link up earphone, front camera, L-sensor and R-sensor, below it is 3 virtual buttons. What is worth to speak of is that MAGIC combines the HOME button and the breathing lamp with a round design, and collocates with unique ZOPO Z-UI system, the light ring flashing just like a magic wave.

zopo magic zp920 (5)

zopo magic zp920 (6)


zopo magic zp920 (7)

System and UI Evaluation

ZOPO MAGIC Z-UI, special made for the android 4.4 cooperating system, adopts the fashion delayer layout concept, elaborately designs every icon, so as to present the overall aesthetic.

zopo magic zp920 (8)

MAGIC system interface

zopo magic zp920 (9)

Smart Wake and gesture sensing

ZOPO MAGIC supports Hotknot, OTG, WIFI-Display, dual-band WIFI, compass, hall sensor and other functions. Besides, Z-UI has built in many special function, say, smart wake and gesture sensing.

Hardware Evaluation

MT6752 build in 8 cores of Cortex-A53 structure, dominant frequency reaching up to 1.7GHz, and utilizes 28 nm HPM process technology so as to support single path LPDDR3 800MHz of the storage. While GPU is ARM Mali-T760MP2, frequency reaching up to 600MHz, and can realize 60 fps under the condition of 1920*1080 resolution.

zopo magic zp920 (10)

antutu running test

zopo magic zp920 (11)

3D game test

zopo magic zp920 (12)

1080P video play test

Thanks to the CPU, ZOPO MAGIC makes an improvement in supporting 64-bit order set, and has more powerful CPU, GPU and DSP, also has much faster network connection.

Photo Taking Evaluation

ZOPO MAGIC armed 8MP front camera, 83.2° broad angle, F/2.0 aperture, 13.2MP rear camera with SONY new generation sapphire lens. What’ more, it supports 2K video recording.

In terms of photo taking, MAGIC has excellent performance—building in wonderful magic camera, powerful function, and combining photo taking, beautifying, cross dressing and makeup and other functions together.

zopo magic zp920 (13)

Varieties of beautifying effects, intelligent optimization, clipping, background blur, watermark and so on, can DIY every photo randomly.

zopo magic zp920 (14)

Magic camera can use multiple shot-cut models user-defined, say, common, real-time beautifying, night-shot. Comparing most other cameras, MAGIC can adjust beautifying level as per personal needs, and realize photo preview, camera sounding, multiple-face focus, full screen, HD, standard definition and so on.

zopo magic zp920 (14)

Loving particular photo beautifying? Then you need it. One-key cross dressing can give unusual feelings — gentleman-like dicer, funny mustache, lady-like black glasses so and so forth, all for your choice.

zopo magic zp920 (15)

Makeup function can automatically recognize face, beautify skin, eyes, mouth and facial shape and other details, making it easy to show your charm.

zopo magic zp920 (16)

outdoor photo

zopo magic zp920 (17)

fruit photo indoor

zopo magic zp920 (18)

night shot

zopo magic zp920 (19)

front camera photo taking

ZOPO MAGIC has outstanding color rendition, and excellent screen resolution; focus and photometry quick and precise, with F/2.0 aperture, light volume are full in photo taking and the whole picture looks great. But it also has some shortcomings to be improved, namely not good in auto-shot of night shot.


ZOPO MAGIC is worthy of praise for its craft innovation —unusual colored drawing cover, exquisite and fashion appearance, and mainstream configuration. Based on Android 4.4 cooperating system, Z-UI fuses many functions and shows pretty good experience. Besides, the camera performs great and almost flagship level.

ZOPO MAGIC owns its unique charm just like magic.

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