ZOPO mobile lands in Malaysia with 4 smartphones


zopo smartphone (1)

As per our report last week, the day for Zopo Mobile to officially announce its arrival into Malaysian market is finally here. It took place yesterday with much fanfare but however, most of the info that we obtained at the event were identical to our last week's report as well.

In general, we can now confirmed that Zopo Mobile Malaysia's initial line of products are indeed the ZP998, ZP1000, ZP780, and ZP700 although these products have actually been around for quite some time. For example, the ZP998 which is the most powerful device in the group has actually been shipped to customers since January 2014 all over the world through Zopo's global online store while ZP700 was already around since end of 2013.

zopo smartphone (2)

Nevertheless, Zopo Mobile seemed to be pretty confident with its ability to make a mark in our market judging from the general vibe of yesterday's launch event. According to Zopo Mobile Malaysia's managing director Wilson Koay, consumers are already able to see all four products in stores throughout the country or alternatively, they are also able to purchase these smartphones through Zopo Mobile Malaysia's own online store.

Meanwhile, do stay tuned for our initial hands on experience with the company's flagship smartphone – the ZP998 – coming your way soon.

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