Zopo Mobile: The difference between Official and Authorised stores


With the popularity of high-quality, affordable phones, interest in ZOPO Mobile phones has surged and we are now seeing huge interest from customers around the world. To help these customers purchase Zopo phones we have a network of Authorised distributors, but what are the difference between ‘Official’ and ‘Authorised” Zopo Stores?

Zopo Official

At Zopo we only talk about an office, website and store as being ‘Official’ when it is owned and operated by Shenzhen ZOPO Communications-equipment Limited Company. At the time of writing the only ‘Official’ ZOPO Mobile sites are:

  • www.zopomobile.com
  • www.zopomobile.com
  • www.zoposhop.com

Zopo Authorised World Wide Agents

The following international stores are our authorised world wide agents:

 Zopo Authorised

Authorised stores are those listed here on our official store listing. We aim to keep this list as up to date as possible. If a store is not mentioned on here we do not work with them directly, however it could mean that one of our ‘Authorised’ distributors has a cooperation with them.

Any warranty issues, questions or queries relating to products bought from Zopo Authorised distributor should be taken up with them. Any similar issues regarding companies not listed must be taken up with them directly.

Zopo Warranty

Warranties, issues, questions for products bought through:

  • www.zopomobile.com
  • www.zoposhop.com

Can be asked at info@zopomobile.com.

If you purchased your ZOPO products through another website then all issues should go through them directly.


If you have tried to contact

  • Zopo Official
  • Zopo Authorised Distributor
  • Zopo World Wide Agent

About warranty issues, questions, queries etc but are not satisfied with the service then please contact us via:

  • zopoaftersale@gmail.com
  • skype: aftersale_zopo
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