ZOPO Speed 7 hype running high


The hype train has been running fast in the last few weeks, as the pre-order period for the Speed 7 and Speed 7 Plus comes to an end. But don't be mistaken, the hype here is valid. We are talking about 64-bit octa-core smartphones powered with 3GB of RAM and a Full HD display being sold at an extremely competitive price, starting $199,99. This is a true market democratization, allowing everyone to have the best products at an accessible and reasonable price, while safeguarding quality at the same time.

ZOPO is currently expanding its market reach globally. We have just launched the Speed 7 in India, bringing our brand and one of our greatest devices to one of the biggest and most important markets in the world, for the first time ever. The public and media reaction couldn't have been better, and ZOPO wishes to sincerely thank everyone in India that has been waiting for this moment as long as we have. The reception has humbled us, and motivated us to keep pushing our limits in offering the best possible products in the future.

Previous worldwide sales expectations have been smashed by market demand and ZOPO is firing on all cylinders to keep shipping more units of the Speed 7 and Speed 7 Plus. Product reviews and public feedback have overwhelmed us with positive input, and have proven what we have been believing in for a long time: people want quality and functional devices, at affordable prices. The time of overblown priced smartphones carrying an inflated price tag due to costly marketing campaigns is reaching its end, and the people are starting to see behind the smoke and mirrors, and doing smart purchasing decisions.

Much more is to come from ZOPO in the future. We are relentless, engaged and committed. Continuous support to our products is a must and something that our user base can count on. Investing in a ZOPO smartphone is an investment in your future. And right now, a lot of you are making that investment. Look forward to more from ZOPO, and we thank you all for the great success of the Speed 7.

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