Zopo Speed 7 Plus review: Impressive specifications

2015/11/16 | Source: ECONOMIC TIMES

Zopo's second phone comes with impressive specifications on paper. It is the first phablet in the sub Rs 15,000 price to offer a full HD display and 3GB RAM. Other specifications include octa core processor, 16GB storage and 3,000mAh battery . Thanks to these specifications, the performance is zippy and we were able to run all the games and even full HD compressed videos on it. 

Design of the phone is great -it has a brushed metal (matte) finish on the back, two silver rings going around the side and a silver ring around the camera module. Going by the photos of the phone, it appears it has super slim bezels around the display and even Zopo calls it a frameless display , but thats not actually the case. There is a thick bezel around the display which is noticeable as soon as you switch on the phone. The good part is that the 5.5-inch screen is pin-sharp, offers vivid colours and has good viewing angles. 

The interface is the same that we saw on the Zopo Speed 7. It impresses with speed and bright icons.Moreover, it has useful feaures such as multiple launchers (Launcher 3 and Apus are pre-loaded), gesture sensing, double tap to wake as well as intelligent power saving. The camera app is basic but does offer a PIP (picture in picture) mode, live photo, motion track and panorama mode. 

Images taken from the rear camera were impressive with good details and low noise. However, the camera is slow to focus and shot-to-shot times aren't great either. The front camera is good for occasional selfies as it suffers from visible noise. 

The 3,000mAh battery manages a full day with mix usage which is as expected. However, for Rs 5,000 less you can get the Lenovo K3 Note that has similar specifications but 2GB RAM. We think that Rs 5,000 for 1GB extra RAM is not something that buyers will fork out for an unknown brand.

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