ZOPO Speed 7 Source Code To Be Released


ZOPO Speed 7 Source Code

ZOPO's latest flagship phones Speed 7 and Speed 7 Plus started its pre-sale at $189.99 (with a $40 off coupon) on August 3rd and will go through until August the 25th with Brand Ambassador Jorge Lorenzo at the helm. ZOPO wants to enable its users to create, flash and modify the Speed 7 and Speed 7 Plus software in order to truly customize their experience.

ZOPO Speed 7 Source Code-2

Therefore, ZOPO will release the system source code for the Speed 7 and Speed 7 Plus smartphones in September. It's great news for users, for 4 main reasons:

1. Having access to the source code of the device, users can totally customize the ROM, establishing a trend of freedom for users and developers alike.

2. Customize the system interface: users will be able to completely reconfigure the looks and functionalities of the interface and its associated icons - amend first, second, third menu directory, UI icons and theme styles.

3. Customize Apps interface: change and personalize the looks of apps in your device and overall graphic presentation.

4. System optimization: delete and/or manage all apps and software pre-installed in the device in order to optimize the system's performance.

We are very confident the Speed 7 and Speed 7 Plus have the potential to become a global hit. The source code will be available in September. Stay tuned for more information, soon.

For all developers and interested users, please head to the link below, and be ready to explore our source code as much as you can: http://global.zopomobile.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=11125

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