ZOPO Speed 7 vs iPhone 6, or how to save $600 on a high-end phone


How does a $199 Android phone stacks up against the almighty Apple iPhone 6 and its $839 starting price point. Surprisingly well, as you are about to find you. First and foremost, MotoGP two time champion Jorge Lorenzo is our brand ambassador and has nothing but good things to say about the ZOPO Speed 7 and Speed 7 Plus. Second, as you might have noticed, our ZOPO Speed 7 has a “7” on its name. The iPhone 6 has a “6”. So therefore, the Speed 7 trumps the iPhone 6 on the numerical playing field. Take that as you will.

zopo speed 7 vs iphone 6

That's not enough to convince you? Let's look at other numbers and data instead. Starting with a quick comparison list of specifications between the ZOPO Speed 7 and the 16GB version of the iPhone 6:



ZOPO Speed 7


iPhone 6




Android 5.1


iOS 8




Octa-Core MTK MT6753

ARM Cortex-A53 1,5GHz

Dual-core 1,4GHz Cyclone

(ARM v8-based)




ARM Mali-720 MP3 450Mhz


PowerVR GX6450





















YES (Up to 64GB w/ microSD)






13.2MP Back Camera

5MP Front Camera

8MP Back Camera

1.2MP Front Camera




5.0” IPS Full HD 1080p






2500mAh (3000mAh for Speed 7 Plus)

















($40 discount coupon available)


The iPhone 6 is beautiful. Sure, very few people will argue against that. The ZOPO Speed 7 is beautiful and elegant too, with a nice metal brushed look on the back and thin bezels. In the end, both devices will leave a smile on your face when you look at them. But the Speed 7 will give you a prolonged smile once you check your wallet and notice you still have more than $600 extra instead of buying the iPhone 6.

zopo speed 7 vs iphone 6-2


You might argue the iPhone 6 is thinner and lighter in weight, and that's true. On the other hand, the iPhone 6 has particular tendency to curve its shape in a way it's not suppose to...
It's not just about the RAM… but it is kinda all about the RAM

The real gap between the ZOPO Speed 7 and the iPhone 6 is made clear if we look at the specs for each smartphone. The 8-core processor of the Speed 7 gives it a phenomenal advantage over its rival's dual-core, and the 3GB of RAM packed inside the Speed 7 really gives it an edge compared to the iPhone's 1GB. Considering that Android phones have been providing 1GB of RAM for years to it's users, it doesn't even feel fair to compare.
As for storage capacity, the ZOPO Speed 7 gives you the option to expand thanks to the microSD slot, enabling extra space up to 64GB on top of the base 16GB already in the machine itself. The iPhone 6, unfortunately for it's users, does not allow any other means to expand its storage capacity beyond the basic one provided.
Display, Camera and Battery
The ZOPO Speed 7 has a beautiful and clear 5 inch display with full high-definition. That's a resolution of 1080x1920 (1080p) against the 4.7 inch and 750x1334 resolution of the iPhone 6. The cameras of the Speed 7 also prevail, with a rear set at 13.2MP and the front one with 5MP. The iPhone 6 with its rear 8MP camera and front 1.2MP is just miles away. Still, it should be noticed and we have no problem admitting it, that the iPhone 6 is capable of taking great pictures as well.

zopo speed 7 vs iphone 6-3
Battery life is one of the most important aspects to consider when purchasing a new smartphone nowadays. No matter how manufacturers try to spin it, the truth is, most people can't go an entire day of use without having to recharge their phones. That's just our reality today. However, some batteries do provide more functioning time than others, and the Speed 7 2500mAh is sure to last you longer than the iPhone 6 1810mAh battery. Moreover, with the ZOPO Speed 7, you can replace the battery, if you wish, unlike the iPhone 6.
Open Source Code, Unleashed Power and Price

Virtually any Android phone is more “open” than an iPhone, software wise. But with the ZOPO Speed 7 and Speed 7 Plus, we are actually releasing and opening up its the source code to the community. Everyone that so wishes for will be able to temper with all the little digital nuts and bolts of the system and create a truly unique and personalized experience. For those not so skilled to do so, they will still have plenty of options to choose and use from the programming and modding community.
One can say that making a direct spec comparison between an Android phone and the iPhone is unreasonable, since, arguably, the iPhone has its hardware better synced with its software, since both are made by the same company, Apple. And that might be true, but the release of the source code of the ZOPO Speed 7 will allow users to completely unleash all the power and potential of the machine, optimize it, and make it as stable and functional as any other phone on the market, if not better. And did we mention the price difference for all this? Yes we did, but we'll say it again: the iPhone 6 starts at $836. The ZOPO Speed 7 costs $199, or less if you use a $40 discount coupon. Let that sink in for a while.

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