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The MedPi is a hi-tech fair dedicated to insiders, virtually unknown to most people and dedicated primarily to the French world. This year, thanks to Zopo's invitation, we attended the event held at the Grimaldi Forum in the Principality of Monaco. In addition to the presentation of the new smartphones Zopo Color series, which we invite you to read the article, this exhibition was also interesting because it has given us the opportunity to get to know even better a market, like that of smartphones, evolving in which Chinese does not mention advance to stop.

In France, unlike Italy, aided by a catchment much wider, the situation is radically different, because often in supermarkets or in places of great organized distribution (ed: GDO), you can find Chinese smartphone commonly for sale in Europe.

Brand such as Zopo is also well known to the general public and often the protagonists of logistics can be found in these fairs. We then had the opportunity to visit Zopo's booth to learn more about these characters, and we had an interview with Jonathan Abram, Director of Zopo's exclusive distributor in France.

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Interview by Zopo technology France

Below is a transcript of our interview with Jonathan Abram.

Technology: What is the price range that you consider Zopo products? You're moving more toward the medium segment of the market or do you want to bet on a lower-end?

Jonathan Abram: Zopo is able to produce smartphones that are capable of competing in all price ranges, but the goal of this company, which operates on the market for ten years now, is to be known in Europe to with high standard hardware combined with really aggressive prices. Smartphones that are sold at $ 100 are said to be low-cost or cheap, but they offer benefits that most renowned brands such as Samsung or LG offering at higher prices. A smartphone as ZP999 Zopo costs around $ 300 can compete with smartphones like the S5 Galaxy while costing half. The goal is to cover the price range that goes from 80 € to 300 €.

T: From your affirmations, you certainly have ambitious goals. So why should a consumer choose a Zopo smartphone? What are the strengths of those that should be developed according to you?

JA:Zopo is a brand well known in China, and one thing we learned is that users don't care very much to have a reliable, economical smartphone with a good after-sales service. In France, fortunately, we are able to provide timely assistance: trying to repair a smartphone in 7 days and if you fail, replaces it with a new one. This system allows us to offer an after-sales service that appeals to our consumers, so we are also reliable.

T: What are Zopo's competitors in France? With whom do you compare?

JA:We should definitely consider Wiko (Editor's Note: that is the third largest in France), but we look by new realities as Kazam. In our view, a palpable difference is that a consumer who chooses Zopo definitely has a very high technical knowledge.

T:What do you think has changed the smartphones market in recent years?

JA:I wouldn't make a simplistic discourse, but now a child of 7/8 years already has its first smartphone and from a parent's perspective, there is convenience to budget, but to buy a new smartphone whenever it breaks. Then you can never get to full saturation of a really rich market of competitors and make the most of the technological advancement.

T: How are Zopo smartphones distributed in France? Only through the webshop?

JA: We are trying to distribute our products in physical stores, such as supermarket chain Auchan, FNAC technology shop and another very famous shop in France, Darty. We want to know the Zopo trademark in the most absolute form, not only by appealing to the online market.

T:Thank you for your time and for your willingness.

JA: Thank you for raising awareness of the Zopo brand.

This Monegasque land has enabled us to better understand a reality very different from ours, but which could also represent a turning point in the future strategies of this smartphone company ZOPO.

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