ZOPO Two New Smartphones in Color Series Will Hit the Market


Every new product release of ZOPO will bring the users great excitement and surprise! ZOPO's products are classified into 3 series: Speed, Flash and Color. Color series have the highest performance and price ratio, with young and energetic ID design, focusing on the young group who pay close attention to price and fundamental user experience. ZOPO's two new smartphones of Color series COLOR C and COLOR E will hit the market in May. Youth, Color, Vitality, Energy...Let more users enjoy the excitement and fun brought by mobile smart technology. Love colorful smartphones, love the colorful youth. We are young!

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Trend 1: The Latest Android 5.1 Lollipop OS

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COLOR C and COLOR E run on the latest Android 5.1 Lollipop operating system. They have more stylish user interface and more personalized operation mode, with Power-saving, face recognition, smartshift lockscreen, and smart unlock technology. COLOR C and COLOR E will bring you unexpected user experience.

Trend 2: 64-bit Quad Core Processor MT6735

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COLOR C and COLOR E utilize the 64-bit Cortex-A53 architecture quad core MT6735 CPU and ARM Mali-T720 GPU. The performance is improved by 50% and the energy efficiency has improved by 150% compared to ARM Mali-400. The mobile runs faster, however, the power consumption is greatly decreased. High performance graphic processor can make your games run faster and smoother, and facilitate you to take a quick game pass!

Trend 3: 4G LTE + Dual SIM 

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4G LTE can support up to 150Mbps downlink speed, 35 times faster than 3G. Only one second to refresh the page, just so fast! Refreshing your dynamic status on Facebook, browsing the latest news on Google, shopping on Amazon... In addition, the two new smartphones support dual SIM.

Compared to the previous models ZP520 and ZP320, the two new Color series products not only have breakthroughs in ID design, but important innovations in the hardwares. Colorful world, energetic life! Owning such a colorful phone, let's be forever young!

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