ZP590 Review


As one member of the color series, ZP590 owns colorful appearance design, and can meet the colorful pursuit of the majority. The craft takes advantage of the fashion design, and the whole body is very magnificent. ZP590 utilizes quad-core 1.3GHz CPU to assure its fluent and steady performance; meanwhile, system set inside multi-platform applications, making social contact and recreation more plentiful.

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ZP590 equips 4.5” QHD sharp screen, IPS technology, good performance in screen color, and the screen ratio relatively higher.

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Comparing to many big screen phone, its fuselage is exquisite and easy to operate for single hand.

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The bottom of the body has 3 concrete buttons, “Menu”, “Home” and “Return” from the left to the right.

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The earphone jack is located on the phone top, 3.5mm standard jack.

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The broadside of the body takes advantage of two-head-wide-and-middle-thin design style, special and unique. Curved body with piano lacquer technology, provides a more comfortable grip feeling.

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The covers are fashionable and colorful, perfectly cohesive with the body edge, winning people's praise. The texture takes on leather luster, and adds frosted element to design concept, to provide a cozy feeling.

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One extraordinary feature of ZP590 is that it adopts double hi-fi speakers, sets inside EQ balanced sound, presets 12 scenes, with multiple reverberation effects, which have you enjoying music always and everywhere.

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5.0MP HD camera, can meet your needs of daily shot.

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ZP590 use Android 4.4 system with more personalized UI experience, voice screen lock, richly functional and convenient. Direct access to apps and camera on locked screen, liberating you all the way!

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