Today was the first day of a three day conference during which we launched two flagship smartphones, Z5000 and P5000. At the conference, that took place in Messe, Berlin from 1st September 2017, fancy features were extravagantly highlighted to the teeming audience, dedicated fans of our brands. Our CEO, Emma Liu, was present at the conference. The attendance was marvelous and the support shown by our esteemed customers was extremely rejuvenating. Truth be told, the atmosphere at the unveiling was filled with so much anxiety, owing to the buzz build up to this launch. A show of some good picture taken with the two amazing flagships left ourselves asking… will this be the best camera phones touted by ZOPO. Several media personalities also attendance. As a matter of fact this conference was just a total success.

So straight to the point, Z5000 and P5000 are upgrades to our previous productions and we are excited- RAM got a boost to 4GB, fully High Definition display, new user interface, better privacy capability and exquisite camera features. The design is also good especially with slim metal frame and elegant metal casing. When you hold this phones in your hands, you are left with the feeling of holding phones with pretty decent build quality. The double (13MP+5MP) rear camera is conspicuously placed and the volume rocker and power buttons and a dedicated camera button placed at the sides of the phones. Soft keys are provided below the bottom of the screens to allow users more screen real estate. The Type-C USB and charging port is placed at the bottom. The choice of design for the two flagships can be generally described as sturdy. This two flagship smartphones are just incredibly unbeaten.

The Z5000 is a sleek, high-powered device that boasts a 5,000 mAh battery. To put this enormous battery life in perspective, consider that the top smartphones on the market today all have batteries that range from 1,700 (iPhone 7) to 3,000 (LG V10) mAh. This means that users who engage in light Internet and phone usage can get as much as three days of battery life before the Z5000 needs to be charged again. While these phones are blinking in battery saver mode, our smartphone will have more than enough power left to continue streaming high-definition videos, sending text messages, and engaging in lengthy phone conversations late into the day. One might expect such a robust batter to come in an enormous device that is difficult to carry around, but the Z5000's 7.9 mm thickness is only fractions of a millimeter more than similar models. The phone comes with private security settings built-in, making sure all these experiences are performed safely from external threats.

The sleek exterior of the P5000 has a beautiful 18:9 scaled screen for watching videos, which most experts agree will eventually supplant 16:9 as the standard for high-definition viewing. This means that high-resolution games, text, and videos can benefit from a larger display without sacrificing the deep quality found in smaller screens. Moreover, the camera will be able to take pictures that rival professional photography snapshots. All these features are packaged with the same 5,000 mAh battery found in the P5000, so users can engage with the device for more than a day before thinking about putting it on the charger.

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