Thanks for joining us at the 2017 MWC


ZOPO did not just stop after the IFA exhibition in Berlin. We went on to concentrate all our efforts on the MWCA trade show in the US in the same month.

Although Zopo was a newcomer at MWCA 2017, it's first arrival drew great interest from American media and customers alike. If we say that the practical European customers love our long lasting 5000mAh battery, users from the USA seemed to pay more attention on the luxuriant appearance. Camera quality and privacy features, which both of our flagship devices have, were also a must-have.

Apart from the 18:9 ratio screen and the eye-catching red color of the P5000, the private security settings built-in with the Z5000 are the most favorite elements American users look for. Both devices feature a 13 MP Sony sensor and 3 MP sensor dual rear camera with temperature LED flash. This makes it possible to take some great photographs, and even under low light conditions the device is expected to perform well. Both Z5000 and P5000 feature a 16 MP sensor selfie camera with F/2.0 aperture and soft light LED flash.

Zopo's debut has breathed new life into the US market and successfully left a lasting impression on Americas Users and Media.



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